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The rumors of the collision of an asteroid with the Earth invade the communication sites

The rumors of the collision of an asteroid with the Earth invade the communication sites

The news of the collision of an asteroid with the Earth has reappeared on social networking sites in Arabic language, arousing the interest and concern of users, especially since it is attributed to the US space agency “NASA” and because the Last Saturday was set as the date for the collision.

But this news is just one of those published on fabricated news communication sites that have no foundation in truth, and are attributed to space agencies or scientific bodies only to attract user interaction and participation.

The post read: “NASA: A dangerous asteroid is approaching Earth, and the agency suggested that the collision will be next Saturday,” and was shared by hundreds of users on Facebook and Twitter.

The dissemination of this fake news began on the twelfth of this month, and what is meant by “next Saturday” is the reality on January 16, that is, the last Saturday, the day on which no phenomenon was registered weird astronomical, no collision like the one I talked about was recorded. Misleading posts about him.

It seems that some of this news first appears on the communication sites by way of irony, referring to the succession of calamities on the ground, but then it is transferred to other pages as real information and warnings.

This false news began to spread on the twelfth of this month.

The pages of communication sites often occupy similar unfounded rumors and, in contrast, scientists concerned with monitoring near-Earth objects emphasize that there is no similar danger in the next 100 years.

And space agencies are always striving to dispel these rumors, which are causing panic among many.

To verify the falsehood of these accusations, you can visit the site “Center“Which was created by the United States Space Agency to monitor asteroids, and shows all the information about the trajectory, size, speed of the asteroids and the dates they approached Earth.

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