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Stephen Curry n'est pas un meneur selon Gary Payton

The player who came “very close” to playing for the Warriors this season!

Despite a stormy end to the season, the Warriors have often lamented the understaffing throughout the year. An amazing player would have even been on the verge of signing a contract with the franchise to help him!

Going from a bench made up of Shaun Livingston, Andre Iguodala and other Marreese Speights, to a second team with Jordan Poole, Kent Bazemore or Mychal Mulder could not have been easy. Yet this is the transition the Warriors have made in recent years, thus marking their demotion to the NBA background.

Fiscal year 2020-21 will have been particularly difficult at this point for Steve Kerr, who had to compete in inventiveness to put together a proper rotation. For a while he even imagined ask Leandro Barbosa to put on his shoes. The Brazilian side, last guest of the “Stein, Guru & Dibs Show” of 95.7 The game, has also revealed that this crazy possibility was about to become reality!

To be honest, he was more than close, my friend. But I was not so lucky. But nothing happens. Yes, I was in physical condition and I still have it. I was very excited to hear Steve Kerr say that. In fact, he came to see me once or twice and asked if it was okay to come back. I said, “Sure, absolutely. I can still play, I have experience, I can help the boys and I am close. Then yes. “

A player for Golden State for two seasons, Barbosa notably won his only championship ring in 2015. He subsequently maintained very good relations with the Dubs directors, allowing him to return there as an assistant coach in 2020. Therefore, he would have represented an interesting internal solution for Californians.

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However, his 38 years must have weighed in the balance, as it is ultimately without him that Stephen Curry & co. season ended. Therefore, the Brazilian Blur will try to show that it has not lost any of its splendor on the grounds of BIG 3 this summer. He does not rule out returning to the NBA in the future, believing that he can always trust his main quality.

I am convinced that I can always beat my opponents. It is safe and true. I know this because I was doing it with the Warriors players on training ground.

Now he must wait for his superiors to leave a vacant place in the workforce next year, to offer him one last position in the league.

Desperate for their squad’s lack of depth, the Warriors almost offered Leandro Barbosa an unusual opportunity to find the NBA courts. Unfortunately for him, this scenario in the end will remain only imaginary.