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The PS app now allows you to delete files and games from the PS5

Last year Sony has redesigned its PlayStation app to better integrate with Playstation 5 promising a host of new features. Now some of these are starting to reach users thanks to the new update of the application.

The PlayStation app is updated: here is the news

Version 21.4.0 of the PlayStation App allows you to manage PS5 storage remotely, allowing users to delete files and games without even turning on the console, as long as the console is in sleep mode.

When you choose to delete a game through the app, the PS5 will turn on for a few minutes, perform the operation, and then return to sleep mode, all autonomously.

The update also introduces other features, such as the ability to join multiplayer sessions from in-game invites and compare your trophies with your friends, turn group notifications on or off, and share images, text, and URLs of other apps with friends. In the PS application.

Finally, with this update, the Playstation Store application now includes search and sort filters that are available regardless of whether the user owns a Playstation 5 or not, however, it is not yet possible to search their library.

How to update the PlayStation app for Android

Version 21.4.0 of the Playstation application is now available on Google Play Store, but you can also download its APK from Mirror APK.

In case the feature doesn’t appear in the app settings despite the update, some Reddit users suggest trying to reconnect the PS5 to the app.

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