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The Ragnarök – Le MMORPG Project Ragnarok gameplay precise son


Signed by the giant NetEase, Project Ragnarök should be based on a relatively open gameplay: without classes, but with the possibility of collecting einherjars (the spirits of ancient warriors fallen in combat) to take advantage of their abilities.

As part of its annual convention in May last year, the Chinese giant NetEase announced the development of its Ragnarök project (sometimes renamed The Ragnarök), presented as a multiplatform MMORPG loosely inspired by Nordic folklore.

During an interview in the columns of WCCFtech, Senior Producer Ye Qian provides some details on the gameplay of the “sandbox strategy MMORPG.”
We remember in particular that the player embodies a hero of Walhalla (as we knew), male or female, but that the game does not include no class system – Instead, the player will be asked to collect “einherjars”, the spirits of fallen veterans of different races. Each einherjar will have specific abilities and the player will be able to switch between these einherjar depending on the circumstances.
The progression of the character is also based on both levels, the improvement of their skills, or of their equipment, but also on an artifact system to improve the hero’s statistics.


In terms of gameplay, according to the producer, Project Ragnarok integrates traditional MMORPG codes – Group dungeons and instanced raids that require coordination between players, but also randomly generated solo dungeons, and the developer also mentions battles between players that can collect 40 to 50 fighters; The tests will allow you to establish precise limits.
The game incorporates a guild system, crafting, but the accommodation it is only considered after launch.

We also remember that Project Ragnarok was presented as a multiplatform MMO, distributed on mobile platforms, consoles and PC. When the project was announced, the developer mentioned different versions of the game depending on the platform (a simplified version for mobile devices and more extensive versions for PC and consoles). Today we understand strategy better: Ragnarök is designed primarily for mobile platforms, and eventually alternate versions will be produced for PC and consoles. In other words, The Ragnarök is not inherently a cross-platform MMORPG (like NCsoft you can listen to it with your Purple emulator), but more like a mobile MMORPG that could then be targeted for specific ports on PC and consoles.
Finally, it should be noted that the game must be distributed globally, first in Asia and then in the rest of the world. A first beta phase is expected this year.

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