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will begin before its deployment in August

will begin before its deployment in August

In a few months, our ID cards will change in size and will be equipped with tamper-proof chips. Meanwhile, the first large-scale tests begin today in the Oise.

Credits Ministry of the Interior

It was time for our CNIs to go digital. Deployed today in the Oise, the new digital identity card it should become general in France as of next August. With its credit card format and electronic components, this new official document, awaited for several years, was formalized on Sunday March 14 by decree. In addition to its new, decidedly more practical format, the CNI 2.0 will now contain our biometric data, such as our digital entrepreneurs which will now be mandatory (except children under 12 years old), as well as a digital identity photograph of the holder. A QR code on the back of the card will allow you to include all the information on the document (identity, gender, date and place of birth). In addition, the photo on the map will only be visible at a certain incline, informs the website of the Parisian.

Fight against fraud

Among the objectives of this new digital identity card, the main one is obviously fight against fraud and the identity theft. Its validity period has also been reduced to ten years (compared to the current fifteen), in order to reinforce its security. In particular, it will allow travel without a passport within the European Union, Marlène Schiappa, Minister of Citizenship, recalled yesterday. However, it will not, for the time being, not mandatory. If the CNIL has given its approval to the deployment of such a project, some questions remain about protection of collected biometric data, which can be kept centrally for fifteen years. Asked about this issue, Marlène Schiappa, however, specified that those who do not want their biometric data to be kept in this database “You can request that they be withdrawn after 90 days.”

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