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the serpent rogue release

The Serpent Rogue Released: Save the World with the Plague Mask

In The Serpent Rogue, you will master alchemy to rid the world of evil corruption. Source: Team 17, Sengi Games

today is the new game the rogue snake by editors team17 and the Ukrainian developer sengi-games published. In this sandbox adventure game, players are transported to a medieval world steeped in alchemy. As the protagonist, The Warden, you embark on a thrilling journey of discovery to drive out the evil Serpent Rogue, restore balance to the world, and restore the kingdom around Mount Morbus. The Warden is particularly notable for his iconic plague mask. Even if he seems very modest at first, it’s his job to make the world a better place…or a worse place.

The Serpent Rogue is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Red Serpent trailer:

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About The Rogue Serpent

Alchemy is one of the most important ingredients in The Serpent Rogue game. Mastering them will determine the success of The Warden and is therefore of crucial importance. You research and collect ingredients that are scattered all over the world. After that, he discovers their uses, experiments with them, and tries different concoctions to create unique potions. Finished concoctions can be used to master the many challenges that await The Warden in the game world. Potion brewing is done through his mixer, which he can set up in the world. Completing quests from other residents will generate rare and useful resources.

It’s up to the player how they do it: defeat enemies directly in open combat, with perfectly timed alchemical potions, or befriend and tame local beasts. Each step in the player’s journey presents challenges and decisions that resonate throughout the world. For example, leaving food lying around will attract vermin and cause mischief, while unburied corpses will attract fearsome demons, so be careful.

Potions can turn the rules of the world upside down, for example you can make poison suddenly turn into a cure or beasts turn into farm animals.

Sengi Games takes players into a dark and unique game world. The Serpent Rogue is now available.

Screenshots of Serpent Rogue: