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The special edition Samsung S21 5G smartphone is ready for the athletes participating in the competition.

The special edition Samsung S21 5G smartphone is ready for the athletes participating in the competition.

Samsung Bringing the latest in smartphone innovations to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to allow sports fans around the world to experience the spirit of competition anywhere in the world. through cutting-edge smartphone technology and many activities in digital form Demonstrate that sport can bring everyone together. even if they are not in the same place

Let’s start with the launch of the global pre-match campaign. It goes by the name of Proud sponsor of a world that comes together and offers a special smartphone ‘Galaxy S21 5G Tokyo 2020 Athlete Phone‘for the 17,000 athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, as well as numerous digital marketing campaigns. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy Tokyo 2020 Virtual Media Center to make it easier for media and sports fans around the world to follow the game.

Launched a special smartphone ‘Galaxy S21 5G Tokyo 2020 Athlete Phone

Samsung Therefore, we have prepared a special smartphone for all athletes participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Samsung introduced the Olympic Edition phone in 1988, initially offered to all competitors in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, before to continue with the idea of ​​the Paralympic season. Winter PyeongChang 2018 (PyeongChang 2018) and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Samsung intends to continue to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the future.

special smartphone Galaxy S21 5G Tokyo Athlete Phone It comes with a pro-level smartphone camera that anyone can take photos like a pro. The power of the most advanced chipset ever created in a Galaxy device. which provides more speed but also provides better energy efficiency. They include advanced computing capabilities to support connectivity through 5G technology and AI on the device. This smartphone is unique and different with its blue body. And also Olympic and Paralympic symbols engraved on the back of the device. To celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Olympics especially.

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Samsung Offers Innovative Smartphone Technology to Enhance the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Experience

Samsung is committed to promoting the potential of sports. using state-of-the-art smartphone technology to connect people around the world as well as taking the Olympic and Paralympic Games experience to the next level. Through various marketing campaigns, such as the realization of a showcase in Galaxy Harajuku, so that participants can share the atmosphere of the competition with fans around the world through clever innovations. State-of-the-art smartphones and interactive activities from Samsung, including the Galaxy Athlete Lounge in the Olympic and Paralympic villas open exclusively to athletes. to provide a space for interactions between athletes to improve including contacting family and friends as well as enjoying a variety of multi-galaxy experiences

It has also expanded the Olympic and Paralympic Games to digital and social platforms. to interact with the media and fans around the world by launching Samsung Galaxy Tokyo 2020 Media Center Website that collects information about the Samsung Olympic and Paralympic Games. as well as the launch of Galaxy House on Zepeto, a virtual reality platform where users can create their own 3D characters to experience Samsung Tokyo 2020 marketing content in a new way and enjoy new promotions.