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Shuntaro Furukawa

The successor to the Nintendo Switch should offer a new experience, according to the president of Nintendo – ntower

Although the new generations of game consoles Sony Y Microsoft have the greatest focus on hardware strength Nintendo it always embodied a certain twist in the individual console generations since the Wii. the Wii introduced motion control back then Wii U a second screen and nintendo switch the hybrid concept. The portable series also had the nintendo ds a second screen and with that Nintendo 3DS get a 3D function.

According to the president of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawathat in an interview with Nikkei after Successor to Nintendo Switch asked, Nintendo isn’t planning the next generation of hardware specifically for a specific time. it’s more about according to new technologies research to enable new experiences. Since the hardware and software departments work in the same building, communication between the two is very close and focused on the development of new forms of entertainment.

Preparing a new piece of hardware requires several years of uninterrupted work. In the end, whether a product will be commercialized will depend on whether it brings a new experience. the nintendo switch it is still in the middle of the product cycle and this can also be extended if needed. When can we expect a successor was not answered by the president of Nintendo.

What new experiences do you want for the successor to the Nintendo Switch? Is the existing concept with minor improvements and more powerful hardware enough for you?