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The supplier supposedly expects the first graphics cards soon

The supplier supposedly expects the first graphics cards soon

of Norman Wittkopf
Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 40 series is expected in the fall and after rumors of a launch postponement, the new generation of graphics cards could kick off quickly, according to new information.

According to reports on full stock with current Geforce RTX 30 series graphics cards and reduced production capacity Aside from a possible release postponement, the new Geforce RTX 40 series could apparently be on its way in the fall as planned. At least that’s what Ilya Korneychuk of the well-known Russian YouTube hardware channel “PRO Hi-Tech” suggests, according to which China’s in-house graphics card supplier expects the first batch of RTX 40 graphics cards in less than a month.

It was not specified whether it is a retailer or a distributor, but therefore the new generation of graphics cards could come in the form of the alleged first top model planned RTX 4090 Be physically available from September. Although there are many rumors about the possible release date, this is according to probably the first time a company has mentioned anything about shipping the new graphics cards.

October release most likely

Meanwhile,’s own sources at the board partners aren’t as interested in providing shipping estimates. Accordingly, no statements about early availability have been heard here, while the focus remains on the surplus stock of the RTX 30 cards still in force.

So it is assumed that the hint of “PRO Hi-Tech” is not true and that it will be many weeks before the cards are delivered to dealers, especially since there were the latest reports about the start of mass production between August and september. , which could make the new cards available at dealers three weeks later at the earliest.

idea close?

Meanwhile, the Twitter user “Kopite7kimi”, known for his leaks, has also made some statements that the RTX 4090 is not far away. How to become the graphics card see “soon”.while the manufacturers of add-on cards (AIC) “ready to receive your toys” have to. Additionally, the RTX 40 series was recently listed by EEC alongside AMD’s Radeon RX 7000 and previously unknown “super” models of the RTX 30 series. normal view.