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The trend for November? Fall in love with the shadows (and play with them)


Let’s find out together the November trend with respect to interior design, with many ideas for home decoration. For the month that anticipates winter, the choice falls on decoration accessories characterized by neutral and shady colors, light and cozy, which are heated and prepared cold.

In the living room I neutral colorsLike white, gray, cream, they may seem minimal, but they never go out of style. And besides being perfect forshabby chic decor they easily fit into all styles, from classic to modern.

Yes to soft, shady natural colors.

# DEVA_ALT_TEXT # cream sofa
AIX photo | ErikaWittlieb

To know how to choose the color of the sofa check out our 10 point guide. But if you want to know all the autumn / winter 2021/2022 trends As for the preferred colors for the interiors, let’s say right away that the favorites of the season are the natural colors embellished with a play of shades.

Choose the colors of the walls of the room. It is not easy, you must take into account what style to follow. However the degraded trend With colors that fade from stronger to lighter tones, it is the most popular with interior designers and recommended for the fall season.

In November, play with the gray

industrial living room with gray walls
Photo Shutterstock | united photo studio

to color that goes well with everything and with everything is gray, it is no coincidence that it is confirmed as one of the most popular and used shades forautumn home decor.

L ‘gradient effect obviously it can also be reproduced in tissues, come on designer cushions even the bedding. To complete the environment they will look great. modern curtains that will add a touch of color and make the living room more welcoming.

Biophilic design: the trend of the future

how to furnish in jungle style
Photo Shutterstock | New africa

Biophilia literally means love for life, in this case the reference is to the living nature that we can bring into the house, like the inside plants. To increase our well-being and eliminate stress, adding plants to a room is a simple and immediate solution. Integrate them in a corner where the colors chosen for the walls and furniture are natural increases the perception of comfort.

Basically the biophilic design is establishing itself among the decor trends of the future, going beyond theurban jungle. In fact, in the new productions we can see how the same furniture structures are integrated with vases and spaces where plants can be inserted, all to seek ever greater harmony with nature and the planet we inhabit.

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