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There are no more updates for these teams.

There are no more updates for these teams.

the hardware requirements of Windows 11 are enormously high. Almost all computers from 2016 or earlier are officially unable to receive the update. However, circumventing this artificial limitation was not difficult. Official instructions for this can even be found on the website Microsoft. Countless users have followed the instructions and upgraded to Windows 11.

The first Windows 11 update locks out old hardware

But these official instructions always came with a caveat. Future updates with officially unsupported hardware cannot be guaranteed. And this is exactly what seems to be happening now.

This Wednesday Microsoft released the first major update for Windows 11 released as beta. The final release is scheduled for fall. In addition to many smaller improvements like folders in the start menu and better OneDrive integration, the update seems to finally lock down older hardware. Several users traveling with older hardware report that they can no longer install the update.

With this message, Microsoft blocks old hardware

This means that users with officially unsupported computers are locked out of new features. Much worse: Without the feature update in the fall, essential security updates will only be available until October 2023. After that, new hardware must be purchased or you must switch to a different operating system.

Microsoft: Windows 10 will be supported for a longer time

The artificial increase in the hardware requirements of Windows 11 has been a thorn in the side of many users since its release. After all, Windows 11 barely differs from Windows 10 on a technical level and runs smoothly even on older hardware. I was able to convince myself of this on a 2015 Surface Book. But instead of reserving only certain features, like using Android apps, for newer devices, Microsoft has decided to lock down older devices entirely.

In view of the uncertain supply of updates for officially unsupported devices, we recommend these users to stay with Windows 10. The system will be up to date until October 2025. In addition, many features of Windows 11 also come later in Windows 10. These include the new store or the revised Xbox app.

For users who have already upgraded to Windows 11, there is currently no easy solution. If beta fears are confirmed, it should switch to Windows 10 in a year at the latest. However, all data and programs must be backed up and loaded again by yourself. Also the change to Linux or the new ChromeFlex OS would be an option