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These people will not receive WhatsApp from February;  So the new reform

These people will not receive WhatsApp from February; So the new reform

New Delhi: WhatsApp will undergo a major transformation in February 2021. WhatsApp Beta Info reports that WhatsApp, the world’s largest messaging app, is making two major changes. WhatsApp Beta Info reports that these changes will be available in beta update v2.20.206.19 on Android and beta update v2.20.206.19 on iOS devices.

Telegram, the main competitor to WhatsApp owned by Facebook, is introducing a new change to its platform. Previously I had to search the Play Store to see if there were any new updates on WhatsApp. But with the new change, an app banner will be available within the app regarding the new update.

The latest Telegram update will give your chatbot an indication that WhatsApp is experimenting with such an experiment as well. The new feature will be available on WhatsApp’s Android and iOS platforms on February 8.

In addition, WhatsApp is going to implement a policy that those who do not agree with the new WhatsApp terms can delete the application from now on. As part of this, WhatsApp will also implement a new guidelines alert. WhatsApp will run an alert “Accept the new terms to continue using WhatsApp.” This means that those who do not agree to the new WhatsApp terms as of February 8 may not be able to stay on WhatsApp.

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Last updated: Dec 5, 2020, 10:05 a.m.