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This Apple leak supposedly shows off the new screen

This Apple leak supposedly shows off the new screen

Images of the new generation of iPhone have allegedly appeared on the Chinese short message service Weibo. These should display the new screen. An innovation surprises.

Rumors about the latest generation of iPhone have been around for a long time. Among other things, it was speculated that the notorious notch should be omitted, which is located at the top in the middle of the screen and behind which the camera and important optical sensors are hidden.

An alleged photo of the new screen windshield confirms this assumption, at least in part. There you can see that the notch is replaced by a small hole for the camera and another small hole next to it. But Apple isn’t doing without it entirely.

The notch is gone

The published image is an alleged leak on the Chinese portal Weibo, which is comparable to the short message service Twitter. The front glasses of the entire iPhone 14 generation should be seen there.

These include those for the standard model iPhone 14 and the larger version iPhone 14 Max, as well as the premium models iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. By removing the notch, the screens also gain a bit of extra surface area.

Since the image doesn’t show display lenses for a mini model of the iPhone 14, Apple seems to have decided not to release a smaller version of the upcoming flagship this year. Instead, the company appears to be opting for a larger version of the standard model, dubbed the “Max,” but without the upgraded tech found on the Pro models.

Important: The details mentioned here are currently rumors and not officially confirmed information. Like every year, Apple will present its new iPhones in the fall, most likely in the course of September.