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Cette société vous paiera 41 000 $ pour jouer à des jeux pendant un an

This company will pay you $ 41,000 to play games for one year.

A company called Opsys offers a gamer to be paid $ 41,000 to play games for a year.

Do you play a lot of PC games? How would you like to get paid around $ 41,000 to enjoy your hobby for a year? This attractive prospect appears to be offered by a British company, which is looking for a gamer to manage its “Outperformed User Experience” section.

As reported by Pc gamer, OPSYS is a recently founded PC assembler from Stockport in the UK. He’s looking for someone to play games on his computers, offering £ 30,000 (roughly $ 41,000) for the 12-month job.

“Instead of paying £ 30,000 to an ad fanatic to promote the world’s most powerful computers, we give him £ 30,000 to play with”explains the company.

The ad copy gives you an idea of ​​what OPSYS is looking for: “Just game addicts. The OPSYS Powerful User Experience (OUX) Engineer can’t spend all day figuring out what gamers are talking about. You must know. So immediately think about meta, memes, and the best way to downplay your path to an easy victory, and you’ll get it right. “

Whether it’s a real ad or a publicity stunt, nobody knows. OPSYS has few, albeit positive, comments and the application process involves posting a 60-second video on social media explaining why you deserve the job and using the company’s hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

It’s unclear what the work beyond games entails, although it appears that promoting the company will be a requirement. The full-time position is held remotely and it is not mentioned that it is only open to UK residents. Applications close on April 9 and the final interview will take place on April 12.

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