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This function becomes completely useless.

This function becomes completely useless.

She advertised herself for a long period of time before Message auto-delete function entered WhatsApp. In the meantime, you can choose between different times, how long you want your message to be displayed, and Group admins can even remove foreign texts. But that has to come to an end, because Messenger takes the feature to the absurd.

WhatsApp brings update for auto-delete messages

Messages that are deleted autonomously after a certain period of time should ensure privacy in chats, whether in 1-on-1 conversations or in groups. But the feature will only give you little in the future, as long as Messenger actually releases the feature update.

because strong WABetaInfo there is evidence that self-delete messages are no longer deleted forever. On the contrary: you should be able to save them permanently. Until now, users have had to enable the feature in their settings for their texts to disappear. If they want to keep the message, the contacts must have disabled the function or one Screenshot make the content relevant.

With the feature update, WhatsApp should integrate the ability into Messenger for users to long-press on a message that is being deleted. Consequently, the “Save” option appears, which retrieves the message. According to WABetaInfo, the text is saved in a separate folder where all saved messages can be retrieved.

Keep WhatsApp messages: Always possible

It also states that the function applies to all cases. That is, both for individual and group chats. However, there is the difference with groups in that your admins can probably set a limit on saved messages.

WhatsApp seems to be spinning, because the feature finally takes you back to the time when auto-delete messages didn’t exist yet. What’s more: it makes the delete function superfluous. It’s unclear if and when Messenger will release the update.