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This is not the reason for the explosion of the smartphone battery.


In recent times, there have been reports of the explosion of smartphone batteries. This news not only scares us and you, but it is also important to know it in detail. There was a time when charging your phone was like a separate task, meaning that like there are other things, it was one thing to take the time to charge your phone. In the homes it was said that brother, charge the mobile. Then came advanced technology, fast chargers. Super fast chargers are nothing new. Fast charging and large batteries are now part of the mobile, but along with this, the mobile battery explosion is also becoming a reality. Is it just the role of fast charging in the battery burst or are there other reasons too …

Whenever a company phone is blown up, there is always a statement from the company that we are investigating and the reasons will be determined. Such statements seem very repetitive because whoever the company is, this is what they have to say. One thing is also certain: the company never believes it is their fault. Here one thing you should keep in mind is that even if the company does not believe it is their fault, these cases have also come to the fore when the company has cooled the matter by giving away a new phone.

You know the work of the company, but today we will try to find out why the battery of the phone finally explodes. Which is the reason? There is a glitch in the new technology behind this or our charging methods are not correct.

Smartphones have a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery that has its own advantages, such as that a large amount of current can flow. Their specialty is low maintenance. Plus, it has a short self-discharge cycle, just 1.5-2 percent per month. Their light weight also makes them easy to use anywhere. It’s not that they don’t have any drawbacks and the first thing that comes in is overheating, that is, overheating. Because of this, they can be damaged by high voltage.

You have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, now you know what factors can be responsible for a battery exploding.

miss handling

Failure handling refers to the way you use your phone, such as a phone drop. The phone fell out of your hand, but you felt like nothing happened. Because from the outside everything is fine. The phone may work fine even after a fall, but there is a chance that the battery has been affected. The mechanical and chemical composition can change. Then there may be a short circuit and overheating problem. This is a call to danger.

water drop on the phone

After getting the IP67-68 rating, we started to consider ourselves immortal and the phone. We think nothing will happen now, but we know one thing that IP67-68 rating is common protection that works under ideal conditions. If your phone has been in water for a long time or some other liquid has gotten on it, then chances are high that it will affect the battery. This is the talk of expensive phones. Cheap smartphones have protection against splashing water, but if the battery comes into contact with water, your phone can also become part of the news.

night charge

It can be argued that phones have gotten smart and stop drawing power on their own when fully charged, so what is the danger of charging overnight? But it is also true that this does not happen on all phones at this time. Most affordable smartphones are far from this feature. Keeping your phone charged overnight during the fast-charging era can lead to overcharging, overheating, short circuiting, and many other problems. So stop making this mistake from now on.

using the wrong charger

One thing is often said to charge the phone only with the charger that comes with the company. This is also not quite correct, you can also charge the phone with another charger, as long as it is from a brand company. It is absolutely certain that any local company charger or any old charger will damage your phone battery. Whenever you need a charger other than the one that came with your phone, please buy another charger for yourself from the same company or from an expert company.


There is a direct relationship between the phone’s battery and the weather. The cold and heat of the desert are enemies of the battery. You must have seen many times that the phone is in charge and suddenly a message appeared on the screen. The phone stopped charging due to overheating. The most important part of this message is overheating. Many times, unknowingly or unknowingly, we leave the phone on the dash of the car. And the sun does its job. Due to the high temperature, the battery becomes a bit unstable. In technical terms, an exothermic decomposition occurs and it begins to produce gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. Due to these gases, there is a complaint that the battery is thick and then it is compromised with its structure. Then the same thing happens that we have been discussing for a long time.

manufacturing defect

You must ask yourself why this point was said in the end, then understand one thing that smartphone manufacturing is a fixed process. Before the phone comes to you, it goes through many tests and standards and they are the same for all companies. Large or small business, everyone has to go through this. But everyone can be wrong. And from the things that have come to the fore or are making claims so far, it seems like this is the main reason for the battery exploding. A faulty component or assembly line failure can kill the battery.

One of the most important aspects of technology is that it keeps changing. Usually for the better and sometimes for something bad, and when this happens to us, we start to blame each other. If the battery explodes, we blame the company and there is a debate between the company and us. We suggest that you be careful and stay safe. Use the smartphone smartly and keep an eye on the nature of the phone, if something seems different, please go to the service center.

Video: I jumped into the river to test the phone’s IP67 rating, and then what happened?

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