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How to download emails from Gmail

How to down load email messages from Gmail

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If you have an vital e-mail, you may determine to make a backup copy of it. This can be beneficial if you think you are heading to eliminate entry to your perform Gmail account, program to delete all email messages from the account, or will need to attach the email to one more e-mail. So how do you download Gmail e-mails for this intent? This is what this report will examine.

Speedy Remedy

This can only be finished on the Gmail desktop. Open the electronic mail in concern and click the button suite room button (represented by the 3 vertical dots). Then find Download message. It will then be downloaded as an EML file, which can only be opened in a area e mail consumer, these as Outlook, Thunderbird, iOS Mail, or macOS Mail.


How to obtain emails from Gmail

Google does not presently offer you the e mail down load feature in its cell application. Consequently, you have to put down your mobile phone and go to a desktop pc to hook up to your Gmail account.

Discover the email you want to obtain and open up it. Then look to the significantly suitable and click on the suite home link, which are the a few vertical points. There 1 of the choices will say Obtain concept. Pick out that.

It will then be downloaded to your laptop or computer as an EML file.

download emails from gmail

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If you have a number of e-mails to down load, you will will need to repeat this process for every one particular. At this time, Gmail does not enable you to down load many emails at the similar time. A workaround is to use IMAP to down load all e-mails from the Gmail account to a area e mail customer. Then delete the types you never require to preserve.

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How to open downloaded Gmail emails

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At the time you have downloaded an e mail from Gmail, how do you reopen it?

There is no way to upload them to a new Gmail account besides by IMAP. Hence, you will have to have a neighborhood e-mail client to check out these downloaded EML documents. If you have an Apple device, for instance, you most likely now have iOS Mail or macOS Mail put in. If you have a Windows machine, Outlook or Thunderbird will be your most possible solutions.

Can Gmail emails be downloaded in a format other than EML?

No, but when you have the file on your pc, you can alter the file format your self, this kind of as TXT. But e mail is probable to be a mess, with loads of metadata and HTML.