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this news comes in the chat

The conversations of WhatsApp they are constantly evolving. Especially in the summer, the instant messaging platform has returned to work on service updates. After a period of pause, users found important news for their daily communications, starting with the possibility of doubling the playback speed of voice memos. A second secure WhatsApp update in the summer concerned the Photo.

WhatsApp look at Instagram to update your photos

Chat developers have taken as a model a tool already present in Instagram. In particular, the technicians focused on a function available within the Direct section – that of conversations – of the social network.

New versions of WhatsAPp now guarantee users the ability to open quick photos, that is, expiration images available only through “one view”.

Before sending a photo to a contact in the address book or even in a group chat, users can now check the function ofsingle view. Recipients who will receive the photo in question will be able to view it only when it is open. Later, in fact, the file will be permanently deleted.

WhatsApp technicians through a similar update want the platform’s conversations to be even more immediate. At the same time, this function will also help individual users, especially those who have problems with space in the memory of the smartphone. In fact, snapshots won’t take up precious space.

the unroll The update has already started in recent versions of WhatsApp on iPhone and Android and will finish in a few weeks.