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GeForce NOW Welcomes Electronic Arts Games

GeForce NOW Welcomes Electronic Arts Games

NVIDIA GeForce NOW is one of the leading cloud gaming services for PC. In constant evolution, this platform is expanding more and more month after month, with an avalanche of video games available for all tastes.

In these hours, NVIDIA is pleased to announce that as of yesterday at GeForce NOW they are present some of Electronic Arts’ most beloved franchises. Available in more than 70 countries, the cloud gaming platform has more than doubled the number of subscribers, with more than 12 million users who will now be able to play the Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, Unravel and Dragon Age sagas.

These titles are now available on PC, Mac, Chromebooks, SHIELD TV, and mobile devices, along with the beloved Apex legends from EA, which has been available for some time on the GeForce NOW service.

GeForce now

The four available EA titles are as follows:

  • Battlefield 1 Revolution (Steam)
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (Steam)
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (Steam)
  • Unravel Two (Steam)

This is just the first step from a collaboration characterized by a joint desire to bring more and more great EA games to GeForce NOW. Additionally, teams are constantly working to make the Origin version of each of these four new games available on the service.

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