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Three new Yu-Gi-Oh!  on PCs, consoles and mobile devices

Three new Yu-Gi-Oh! on PCs, consoles and mobile devices

On the occasion of a live presentation on YouTube, the Yu-Gi-Oh! introduced three new games for the next few months and was adapted from the latest animated series.

On the occasion of a special event last week, three new Yu-Gi-Oh! were announced, to form a quartet completed by Duel to the left, which is updated on your side by welcoming you soon to the anime universe. Arc-V in the game.

These three new virtual card games use the same name format, with “Duel” in it. We will thus find Master Duel, Cross Duel and Rush Duel. The first is a game prévu on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, iOS and Android, and that it will be oriented to PvP with a “most complete adaptation to date” of the universe of franchises. Will also be the first of the series in 4k and compatible with the new generation.

Inside Duel in haste, the second game, planned on Switch for this fall, players will navigate the world of anime Yu-Gi-Oh! sevens, which is currently broadcast in Japan. Rush Duel will be based on the physical card game of the same name already available in Japan and that “will introduce new rules that will multiply the draws and the summons, for duels whose turn can change at any time”.

Finally, Cross Duel is a 4 player PvP game designed for mobile devices only and that will be released in more detail shortly.

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