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Three tricks you need for your next trip

Three tricks you need for your next trip

The tools for travel safe more and more and improving every moment. Among them is the Google translator, which has many functions that will be of utility. Whether it’s to strike up a conversation, look up words, ask for directions, or translate a sign just by pointing the camera at it.

First you have to know that it is possible for you to use Google Translate without even being connected to the internet or to your wi-fi data. Just download the application and select the languages ​​you want to be available without translation. And the list of languages ​​available like that is quite large.


However, we recommend that you not abuse this function as each language you download will take up memory on your phone and the last thing you want is to run out of memory space. However, you can save some default phrases accounts, the ones you think you may find most useful and use more regularly.

If what you need, as we mentioned before, is to translate a sign, a letter, even a menu !, just open your camera from the application. You can either select the original language in which it is written or allow the phone to detect it automatically.

Three Google Translate features you need for your next trip


With this function of the Google translator you can change the language automatically from your phone and it is very useful for phrases or short instructions. You can also scan book snippets, even, and translate what you need by selecting it.

Finally, the one that is perhaps the most useful of the functions is the voice translator at the moment. With this, the phone will translate what you say to your interlocutor in their original language and vice versa, given the illusion that they are having a conversation in the same language.

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