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Three video games that take advantage of escapist offers


Video games provide the coveted escapism when the weather is bad outside or when the coronavirus pandemic forces you to stay indoors. Here are three games that you can easily lose yourself:

Dreaming of your own zoo

There are plenty of theme park and zoo simulators in the game world, Planet Zoo It stands out from the rest for two reasons. One is that the animals, their enclosures, and the flow of visitors look almost real, and the detailed visuals are great.

And secondly, the game comes with a huge construction menu that allows players to customize over 50 different animal enclosures up to the last brick. With a little practice, you can quickly build an enclosure in an underwater tunnel or sand castle.

Such attention to animal needs is also an important part of the game. If the species-specific needs of each animal are not met, they are at risk of becoming stressed or ill, driving away visitors.

Great power, even greater responsibility

The· Crusader Kings 3 Strategy games put players at the top of the medieval dynasty. From the Kingdom of Spain to the United Arab Emirates, you can choose from a world map of any area you want.

From there, a big battle for small success begins. Crusader Kings 3 It’s special because a player almost always has to make a decision to succeed.

Whether it’s marrying your son and forming a new alliance or making the Pope happy with yourself, it’s all in the hands of the player.

Of course, every decision, not just a political one, has consequences. The only drawback of this simulation is that it takes time to get used to it due to its complexity. Once it is processed, there are no rivals in terms of scope or degree of challenge.

Drama with freedom of choice

To Yes your grace, Players have also won the crown, but they have a completely different experience Crusader Kings 3..

In this game, a small developer came up with an interesting and dramatic story that takes a player from one difficult decision to the next. On the other hand, their kingdom seems to be on the verge of a catastrophic war.

Players must make the best decisions for the kingdom without losing sight of their family’s wishes. Should your daughter marry a popular clan leader against her will?

Many of these dramaturgy elements bring a twisted story with high replay value, told in beautiful and detailed graphics. – Dpa

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