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Throw away the phones of Chinese companies; European government warns citizens – Marathi News | Lithuania urges citizens to ditch Chinese smartphones

Lithuanian government allows its citizens to own Chinese companies smartphone Warning not to use. Chinese brand smartphone The citizens of Lithuania have advised citizens to dispose of it immediately if they use it. Lithuania’s National Cyber ​​Security Center says Chinese companies are spying on smartphones.

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi is using censorship tools on K phones. These phones are censoring some words. That includes Huawei smartphones, according to the Lithuanian National Cyber ​​Security Center. Lithuania’s defense minister has advised against buying new Chinese phones and discarding used smartphones as soon as possible.

Smartphone censorship

According to an investigation by the Lithuanian Cyber ​​Security Center, the Mi 10T 5G smartphone does not accept 449 words such as free Tibet, long live Taiwan independence, democratic movement, etc. The phone software removes the word. Like xiaomi The phone’s user data is sent to the Singapore server.

In this regard Xiaomi And Huawei has given an explanation. Xiaomi has said that there is no censorship tool on their smartphones. Huawei has also denied allegations of sending user information elsewhere. If the allegations are substantiated, Chinese companies could suffer huge losses. These companies may also be prohibited.

Web title: Lithuania urges citizens to ditch Chinese smartphones

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