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TikTok annoys Youtube and Facebook

TikTok annoys Youtube and Facebook

The short video service TikTok is currently very successful, and not only among young people. YouTube and Facebook also want to benefit from this success and have boldly copied the model. Now TikTok appears to be taking revenge.

Short video service TikTok wants to increase the maximum length of user videos to 10 minutes. This is reported by the technological service “TechCrunch”. Consequently, the company had tested the extension in recent weeks. However, the extension will not be immediately available to all users.

The extension is not the first in the history of TikTok. Only last year, the maximum length of videos was increased from 60 seconds to three minutes. Since then, new forms of content have appeared on the platform that previously could not be displayed in a minute. By the way, the videos on TikTok were originally even shorter: a maximum of only 15 seconds.

TikTok thus enters the range of YouTube offers

TikTok is now clearly penetrating the range of services offered by YouTube or Facebook, which previously offered longer videos on their platforms. “We hope this will unlock even more creative possibilities for our video creators,” the company told TechCrunch. However, YouTube and Facebook have long had their own short video services that more or less openly copy TikTok.

Just a few years ago, TikTok was dismissed by many as a harmless dance video service. In fact, its predecessor,, which was developed in China, was mainly used to record the lip sync playback of pop songs on video and then share it with others. In 2016, just two years after its foundation, the service already had more than 140 million users. The following year, TikTok was bought by the Chinese company ByteDance for an estimated nearly $1 billion and renamed TikTok.

In September last year, the number of regular users is said to have already exceeded one billion.