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Tiktok plans to venture into the gaming space

Tiktok plans to venture into the gaming space

Tiktok reportedly wants to add games to its app. A corresponding test has now been started in Vietnam.

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reported, TikTok wants to make a foray into the gaming space and add games to its app. According to Reuters, a test was recently started in Vietnam.

Tiktok is testing HTML5 minigames

A Tiktok spokesperson confirmed that the company is testing several HTML5 mini-games. Tiktok could use parent company Bytedance’s ad-supported games. The goal of gaming on Tiktok is to increase the time users spend on the platform. Tiktok made its first attempts at gaming last year. The platform, along with Feeding America, published the “Garden of Good” clone of “Farmville” in which players could accumulate points and use them for donations. Tiktok is also working with Zynga on the endless game Disco Loco 3D.

The competition never sleeps

Competitor Facebook and Tiktok’s Chinese predecessor Douyin also rely on games. Streaming service Netflix is ​​also making attempts in the gaming direction. With its Live Studio for PC, Tiktok recently tested its own streaming software for games. The selected authors had the opportunity to integrate widgets into their videos. It remains to be seen what concrete game plans Tiktok has for the future.

On the way:

PC-WELT is now also on Tiktok.

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