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Tips for Gamers Playing Online For the First Time



Playing offline solo games can be a very boring experience if you’re a type that likes interacting. Thankfully, you have online games to save you from that. Online games come with so much fun as you get to interact with real humans behind those avatars.

However, online gaming also comes with some downsides that might make it unsafe for you. We have designed this article with the necessary information to guide you in online gaming. In addition, Battlelog also offers you some of the best undetected hacks and cheats for any game of your choice.

7 beginner tips for new online gamers

1. Know about the game

A common crime gamers commit is downloading a game and beginning without knowing what the game is about. Some games are not that tough and can forgive a learn-as-you-go approach. However, some games don’t have such forgiving conditions and will give you a hard time going about it. There are online communities where you can learn about any game you want to play. We also recommend you spend about an hour or so watching a play on YouTube or Twitch.

2. Don’t overspend your time or money.

We don’t want you to get addicted to your screen as this can come with many consequences. In addition to the hours you’ll while away in front of that screen you can also spend a lot of money.

You’ll feel frustrated playing games for hours against other players that have better weapons than yourself. Sometimes, games offer players a chance to get better items and weapons by paying some real money. The truth is that you’ll discover better buyable items after purchasing the first one. If you’re not careful, you’ll be exposing yourself to jeopardy.

3. Be courteous

You’ll find and get to interact with many people when you start gaming online. So, you shouldn’t just dismiss those avatars and nicknames as bots – they are real human beings like you behind every one of them.

Some of these players tend to be abusive with foul words. The best way to go about this is not to let it get to you. You’ll still find many nice people online, so don’t let the bad experience you had with someone else ruin the potential fun and connections you can get.

4. Keep personal information off the game.

You can have so much fun when gaming online as you get to interact with real humans instead of the AIs common with offline games. However, scammers also get on the internet under the guise of overfriendly gamers.

Therefore, you must never reveal personal information to anyone you meet on these gaming platforms. For improved security, we recommend that you use strong passwords. In addition, you should report persons with suspicious actions to help protect other naïve gamers on the platform.

5. Get a game that you feel good with

The most popular names in the gaming industry tend to be shooter games such as COD and Fortnite. These really cool games will give you an enjoyable experience, but they may not be just the right games for you. You probably like games that make you think.

In that case, you might want to play board games such as scrabble or chess. There are many other game genres that you can play online. Spend some time browsing for games that suit your taste and download. There are always thousands of games that you can choose from.


Online gaming comes with so much fun, along with some disadvantages. A common disadvantage that anyone can fall victim to is money and time-wasting. Also, you must keep personal information away from gaming platforms and other people you meet online. We recommend using a strong password containing special characters and numbers.

In addition, some people you find on these gaming platforms might be abusive. We advise that you always keep your cool and report any suspicious activities. Lastly, you’ll find games across different genres online. Spend your time researching games that suit your wants and style, and go ahead to download and play them.

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