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Microsoft Bing Service 2.0: Update für Windows 11 und 10 lässt Nutzer ratlos zurück

Microsoft Bing Service 2.0: Update for Windows 11 and 10 leaves users at a loss

Microsoft is rolling out a “Microsoft Bing Service 2.0” update, which is obviously related to the internal Bing search engine, for its Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems, leaving users at a loss. So far, though, it’s just a featureless launcher.

On Friday, community member “FR3DI” reported the automatic installation of the “Microsoft Bing Service 2.0” update on Windows 10 on the ComputerBase forum for the first time. Only a little later, ComputerBase reader “Goldsmith” confirmed the existence of the update in Windows 11 Screenshot. The update was also automatically delivered and installed on one of the author’s Windows 10 test systems, but did not can be easily removed.

Microsoft Bing 2.0 service in Windows 10

Microsoft Bing 2.0 service in Windows 10

Microsoft Bing 2.0 Service for Windows 10

Microsoft Bing 2.0 Service for Windows 10

Microsoft Bing 2.0 Service for Windows 11

Microsoft Bing 2.0 Service for Windows 11

The website desktop modifier looked at the update in detail a bit later and also scanned the registry in Windows 11 after the update.

Idle launcher on autostart

As the website discovered, after the installation of the “Microsoft Bing Service 2.0” service, a launcher settles into the automatic startup of the operating system. The service itself consists of the following three applications:

  • BDAStartMSI.exe
  • BGAStartMSILauncher.exe
  • BDAUpdate.exe

The still-non-functional launcher is suspected to be connected to widgets, which are also supposed to migrate to the desktop as “Interactive Content” in Windows 11 23H2 and Edge’s WebView2 controls.

Microsoft is planning something with Bing

Exactly what Microsoft intends to do with the service and associated launcher can currently only be speculated on. It is obvious that the update is related to Windows 11 and Windows 10 background search and Bing API.

While the background service for Microsoft Search in Bing, as well as applications such as the Windows process BingSvc.exe for the Bing search bar in the operating system are already represented anyway, Microsoft Bing Service 2.0 could be the successor to the one that hasn’t been in the Windows Community Toolkit for a long time bing service be.

As Microsoft interconnects its products more and more, it could also be a widget for Bing in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft business solutions.

Uninstall is not possible

At the moment, the inactive Bing launcher is completely without function in the program directory. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\BingSvc as well as autostart. The fact that this happens without any warning from Microsoft is not well received everywhere. Currently it is not possible to uninstall the service. Service installation. MicrosoftSearchInBingv2.0 (MSI) it can, in turn, be activated directly through Microsoft’s servers.

No solution or explanation has yet been found in the “What is Microsoft update “Microsoft Bing Service 2.0″” thread on the ComputerBase forum. Did you get the update yet?

Microsoft will continue to rebuild Windows 11 with respect to feature updates 22H2 (“Sun Valley 2”) and 23H2 (“Sun Valley 3”) and will continue to rely on the model of an operating system as Software as a Service (SaaS) Then installed some services new without notice.

How do ComputerBase readers feel about it? Does the lack of transparency bother you or do you just accept it with the prospect of new features?