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TJ Osshy's obsession with video games takes it to the next level

TJ Osshy’s obsession with video games takes it to the next level

An avid gamer and man, Wario has a tattoo on the top of his thigh, TJ OshieIs doing what he can to entertain himself and keep his precious things safe on a road trip.

During the off-season, Osshy bought a very luxurious travel case for the Xbox video game console. And tonight, the Capitals are making their season debut as they fly to Buffalo for a four-game trek to open the 2020-21 season.

“Of course, it’s a travel case for playing games remotely,” Lauren Osie wrote, indignant at her husband’s stupid hobby.


This isn’t the first time TJ has been angry at Lauren’s excessive love for video games. Wearing headphones, TJ called Lauren early to do an important business while he was in a bubble during the 2020 playoffs. He had to play a video game with a boy.

Osshy was one of the players at Capitals’ 2018 Stanley Cup run who played Mario Kart on an old console and loosened the match before the match.

“He has a banana peel! Luigi has a banana peel! This is a nuisance for Osshy! MAMA-MIAAAAAAAA!” Bradden Holtby was recreated in the Players Tribune article.

Lauren isn’t the only family to downplay the new hockey season and the changes it brings to the family. Earlier this week, Gina Carlson posted a video featuring off-season highlights with John and the couple’s three kids. She also posted this emotional note.

“I love you so much @ jc7474 My heart is all day 😭 I know you will be back to work tomorrow through this pandemic devastation ✈️, we all have extra time with our family It can be said that spending time was valuable, “Gina wrote. “Boys and I miss you more than you know (a week seems forever now 😩) Hockey should be easier after these crazy and endless hours 🐒🐒🐒 !!! We have these memories forever 🤍🤍🤍 “

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Capitals took a break on Wednesday and departed for Buffalo from Dulles Airport this afternoon.

Capitals will play Buffalo on Thursday and Friday, and will play two games in Pittsburgh the following Sunday and Tuesday.