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Alexa and the Google Assistant play a game of chess.  The result is regrettable

Alexa and the Google Assistant play a game of chess. The result is regrettable

There is a video on YouTube in which an Amazon Echo Dot and a Google Home Mini play a game of chess. It’s quite entertaining, but not because Alexa and the Google Assistant are good chess players, but on the contrary.

I know that we all believe ourselves to be great chess connoisseurs after having seen Lady’s Gambit, but trust me, this The game is so basic that the best thing about the video is to go down to read the comments:

“My expectations gradually shifted from ‘who is smarter’ to ‘who is less retarded.’

“Obviously, they play dumb so people don’t question their intelligence.”

“The battle of never playing defense but also not going anywhere on offense.”

“Google: makes a totally valid move. Alexa: ‘THAT’S NOT A VALID MOVE!’ ”

In defense of Alexa, it seems that the Amazon Echo misheard one of the movements of the Google Home and therefore believed that it was invalid. But the general trend of the game is that Alexa jumps with a random phrase like “don’t worry” and that the Google Assistant stays “verifying” a movement.

The game is of such a low level that the virtual assistants do not bother to castle their king and postpone (several times) promoting a pawn to queen. It’s also funny how Alexa pronounces “checkkkkk” when she checks.

In the end, the Google Assistant, playing as White, wins the game. “Checkmate, I win! Google is the best! ”Says the Google Home Mini. “Sorry, I’m not sure about that,” answers the Amazon Echo Dot.

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Of course, the artificial intelligence of both assistants is much more agile than this video manages to demonstrate. Google’s AlphaZero algorithm only had to train 24 hours to outperform the world’s best chess players in 2017. But these speakers are not playing with their own machine learning models, but with applications developed by a marketing agency called Pallant Digital. The applications are still available, in case you want to face your speaker yourself in a game of chess.

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