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TOKYO 2020 / Google Celebrates the Olympic Games with the "Champions Island" Doodle

TOKYO 2020 / Google Celebrates the Olympic Games with the “Champions Island” Doodle

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics me Google dedicate a game to games Scribble extremely special, available from today, Friday, July 23, 2021, online on the famous search engine. It is “The island of champions“: A world of seven sports minigames, in the course of which the player must achieve the goal of defeating each opponent to collect the seven sacred scrolls and complete additional challenges hidden all over the Isle of Champions. The protagonist of the game is the lucky gatto, you will be able to participate online in what will be a global ranking updated in real time and made up of four teams divided into as many different colors as possible. A fun challenge with the graphics of the video game that makes a nod to the great Japanese animation in honor of Tokyo 2020, as you can easily see by clicking on the Doodle.


The Isle of Champions offers several games. We start with the table tennis, you can carry on with a wild run of skateboard and then we went to the test of archery. Really very special because you have to hit mobile and self-propelled targets in front of a beach. So a wild game of rugby, which promises to be a lot of fun as it offers the possibility of playing online with other connected players. So he Synchronized swimming, the climb and the legendary marathon, reminiscent of the myth of ancient Greece. For the rest, Japan reigns supreme in the environment, not only in the graphics but also in the music that accompanies video games, being the Island of Champions a true tribute to the Japanese consoles that in the 80s and 90s brightened the childhood of many.

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The scenes and character animations for the Doodle “Island of Champions” were created by the animation studio. STUDIO4 ° C in Tokyo, in Japan. And the realization of this Doodle, as the members of the study themselves affirm, required a lot of work: “First, we have identified tales and folk tales across the country with characters that are easily recognizable in the Japanese culture. We then linked these stories and characters to each of the sporting events included in the game. In the design process, each sample of the event was selected from these popular stories. The mascots of the teams and the characters of the city were also chosen because they are so well known throughout Japan. The graphics of each character were based on the original image of their story and then adapted to the game.. “Besides being fun, the end result is also very beautiful, an idea that is sure to entertain fans of vintage video games around the world during the Olympic period.