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Tony Hawk on why they recreated his most iconic game


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Not everyone can rotate a skateboard 360 degrees while gliding in the air and land on the ground without crumpling the heap.

Tony Hawk is the most famous skateboarder on the planet and has definitely allowed millions to do it in his game series.

“The success of the game is probably why people still know my name,” he told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

“It changed my life. That’s why I was able to follow my passion.

“It’s really rewarding to start over with the same gameplay and same enthusiasm in 20 years.”

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The Tony Hawk Pro Skater was first released 20 years ago and the new version was a consistent part of the 15-year game release schedule.

The initial title was The most popular game ever.

However, since 2015, there are no new major console releases. That version was widely criticized..

Tony explains why he thinks it’s the best time to revisit the series.

“I said that all fans want a remaster.

“This issue appeared with developer Activision and it seemed like the right time.

“Vicarious Visions was given the task of developing it, and I say very quickly, we started to see the progress that the fans knew would be excited.”

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This new release is a rework of the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles.

The game has changed significantly since the original was released in 1999.

The perpetual online world, battle royale and loot crates were long ago.

But Tony was convinced that there was an audience for the remake: “This series has that passion, especially in the early games.

“These fans are coming back because they enjoy the gameplay and can quickly get back into the game.

“I also like the idea that there is a whole new generation that hasn’t experienced any of these, and that it will play them for the first time.”

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Tony believes that the ones who need the most excitement are the original fans. “All the levels and maps are exactly the same as in the first game.

“Developers have nailed gameplay and brought it to new areas of technology.”

The original title is credited for winning many skateboards Star the board for the first time..

Tony says it was never a plan.

“I was thinking of making a game that skaters would love. I probably inspired some of them to buy a console.

“Twenty years later, I think it still inspires people, but most of the time, kids start skating at an early age.

“As skating becomes more popular again and will compete in the Olympics next year, we’ll be on a trajectory like never before.”

British 12 year old sensation Sky Brown should compete next year Tony is practicing with her. “She does everything she can to solve a problem. She doesn’t just give up.

“She does a little tweaking here and there until it’s finished. That’s a landmark for a phenomenal skater.”

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Tony promises that getting the soundtrack right is an important part of remake development.

This is one of the reasons why the original was so successful. “There have been many iconic hits from the early games and there are some new bands.

“It has the same energy, but has just been updated-I wanted to remain loyal to what made it popular and what brought people there first.”

52-year-old Tony admits he’s starting to slow down, but hopes these remakes will maintain his legacy for some time.

He also says he allows him to keep pulling away his signature “900” trick:

“If I’m going any further, I think it’s due to my character in the game!

“It’s an exciting time. I’m really grateful that I’m still here. I can see everything happen.”

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