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Transformers Online MMO is still under development and set for 2021 release

Transformers Online MMO is still under development and set for 2021 release

Transformers Online MMO predicts that developer Leyou will release the game in beta in October 2021, and it looks like it’s still under active development.

It’s been a long time since MMO became one of the most popular genres of games.on the other hand World of Warcraft Succeeded in maintaining a consistent level of cultural relevance Extension like ShadowlandsOther games like, Destiny I chose to include the concept of MMO without being officially devoted.But one MMO is ready to spin his head next year

Hong Kong developer Leyou has released new information about Transformers online, Popular MMO Transformers Branded by Hasbro. According to these documents, the game is still under active development since it was first announced two years ago. The company also Transformers online Enter beta in October 2021, And a beta version will be released around April 2022.

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This information was disclosed following a recent announcement that Leyou was acquired by Tencent. As part of the acquisition, Leyou was legally required to publish several documents detailing the company’s current projects.Moreover Transformers online, These reports provided players with the latest information Lord of the Ring MMO It is currently under development. According to the disclosure, a Tolkien-inspired multiplayer game will be released in 2022.

Rumors have begun to spread Tencent’s interest in the acquisition of Leyou As early as July of this year. The company was reportedly offered to buy by Sony, but a statement from the developer committee confirmed that it had an exclusive deal with Tencent for about $ 1.4 billion. This price seems to be even more valuable to game conglomerates as it adds game studios like Digital Extremes (Warframe) And splash damage (Gear tactics) In the acquisition repertoire.

Ideas Transformers MMO is nothing new. In 2014, RuneScape Developer Jagex has been released Transformers Universe Open beta.. The game featured customizable Transformers, multiple classes, and was primarily based on fans’ favorite anime TV shows. Unfortunately, the game was shut down by Jagex and Hasbro in early 2015, and developers had to give a refund to the player who purchased the Founders Pack.

on the other hand Transformers Universe I met the early and sudden end, the fans of it Transformers The franchise is as enthusiastic as it was in the 80’s.And Netflix continues to generate the excitement of its long-running series. War for Cybertron Program, the world seems to be sitting in anticipation Transformers onlineBeta version of 2021.

Transformers online It will be released in October 2021.

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Source: Leyou

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