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Trick of numbers in Google Maps: How to activate the super zoom

Trick of numbers in Google Maps: How to activate the super zoom

Construction sites, traffic jams, free parking spaces or as a replacement for public transport apps – Google Maps now offers many features that help you get to your destination faster.

Among other things, you can not only view your route via the normal map mode, but also display the route via satellite. Depending on the route, it is not always possible to zoom in completely, for example to search for specific buildings or alleys.

Google Maps: zoom in even further: this is how it works

Google Maps now offers numerous features, including a live AR display for pedestrians.


A trick that googlewatch blogdescribes, helps to enlarge the image despite the zoom limit. To use “Superzoom”, you just have to take a closer look at the URL. Here you are looking for a certain numeric code that is provided with an “@” and change it according to your ideas.


You are looking for the capital of Korea, Seoul, in satellite mode. Then you will see the following in the URL: “,+S%C3%BCdkorea/@37.5453307,127.0377766,4820m/…”.

For you it’s exclusively the numbers behind that. @ decisive. In this case: 37.5453307.127.0377766.4820m, which represents the coordination of the center of the image and the size of the desired image section. The number and letter after the last comma, in this case 4820 m, indicate the size in meters of the section of the displayed image.

If you want to zoom in more, simply change this value to a smaller number (up to 0.5m).

warning: You can use this method to bypass the zoom limit, but you can only zoom in so far. The quality of the image depends on the location you are looking for. Because Google often buys parts of maps, which can be very expensive depending on the resolution. For places that are rarely searched, such as forests, etc., the high resolution map sections are often not purchased, so they are only available in low quality. Therefore, it is not certain whether you will be able to see anything with the superzoom.