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Trump Sounds Like a Concession Speech Back on Twitter – TechCrunch

Trump Sounds Like a Concession Speech Back on Twitter – TechCrunch

It was a long day for the country, but President Trump only had to wait 12 hours before returning to the social network of his choice.

3 minutes with a featureless script speech, The president accused the “evil attack” on the Capitol. “The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled America’s democracy,” Trump said, warning officials to “pay.”

The day before, Trump instructed a crowd of his supporters to march towards Congress for a “stop stealing” rally near the White House. The incident turned into a violent riot, disrupting legislators’ efforts to prove election results, causing havoc in the building and killing at least four people.As the turmoil unfolded, Trump encouraged riots in a video posted on twitter, I told them “special” and “we love you”.

After yesterday’s video, Twitter locked Trump’s account and demanded that some tweets be deleted before regaining access. Facebook then frozen the president’s account for the rest of his tenure. Mr. Trump is currently on Twitter on very thin ice. The company said it could suspend his account forever if he violated the rules again.

In the new video, Trump seemed to notice that he was overkill. After seeking “every legal means” to maintain power, he left the Crusades for months to nullify the will of American voters. Of course, it’s entirely possible, and even possible, that he would reverse the course, disseminate more false information about the election, and resume his dangerous quest to undermine Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. There is.

President Trump has a significant number of these walkback moments during his tenure, usually afterwards. Cross the line It even makes members of his own party Discomfort.. Yesterday certainly met the bill and brought rare results from the social networks he relies on to communicate.

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Mr. Trump also seemed to admit his loss for the first time, claiming he was willing to resign on January 20th. “My focus is now on ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power,” Trump said.