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Twitter brings a new feature to Android users

The social media platform, Twitter, decided to provide the community feature for Android device users, after a period where the feature was only available for iOS device and PC users.

New Twitter Feature

It should be noted that this feature was launched last September, allowing Twitter users to create groups for a specific topic, region, or common denominator, in the same way as groups on Facebook.

According to the Twitter platform, through the community feature, people can direct tweets to a specific user directly, instead of directing them to all users and followers, and member users are the ones who will be able to reply or comment on the tweet. . though the tweets still so far appear in the user’s public account with the tweets.

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Although this feature is still in the experimental stage, it has already appeared with topics such as R&B music, digital currency, Xbox game console, Formula Car racing, and other topics of interest to a large number of people.

For this feature, the user must receive a direct message invitation from an administrator to join a particular community, and each community has a number of Twitter-approved administrators, who are responsible for implementing the rules for creating the community, creating it, and invite others to discussions.

Notably, Twitter recently made available a feature that allows you to remove followers without banning them.