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Two arrested for millionaire robbery in a telephone store in Las Condes

Two arrested for millionaire robbery in a telephone store in Las Condes

Carabineros arrested this Sunday two subjects accused of having committed a millionaire robbery in a branch of the telephone company Entel in the commune of Las Condes, eastern sector of the capital.

According to the first information, criminals they broke the store screens, located on Avenida Alonso de Córdova with Manquehue, to steal about a dozen high-end cell phones.

Between the damages and the stolen items, the appraisal preliminarily reaches 15 million pesos, according to the company.

While the robbery was perpetrated, Citizen Security personnel of the Municipality of Las Condes noticed the situation and notified the Carabineros that started a follow-up of antisocials who had hit the road in a car.

Finally, In the neighboring commune of Lo Barnechea, the uniformed police managed to arrest the two alleged thieves.

The mayor of Las Condes, Joaquin Lavin, valued that “the important thing here was teamwork, because Municipal Security saw that the theft was taking place and immediately he warned of the car in which the criminals were driving towards Vitacura “.

“In Vitacura the police saw them, they followed them, at one point they left the car, they continued on foot on the roofs and there they caught them and luckily the cell phones are recovered “, the communal chief pointed out.

The two arrested will be brought to justice this Monday.

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