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UAE publishes the first photo of the Mars probe || Photo of Mars taken by the United Arab Emirates spacecraft

The country released an image of Mars taken by a UAE spacecraft for the first time on Sunday.


For the first time in the Gulf, the United Arab Emirates sent a spacecraft to Mars on July 19 last year.

The spacecraft, which weighs 1.3 tons, was launched by an H-2A rocket from the Tanekashima Space Center in Japan.

2021 marks the year of the Golden Jubilee of the founding of the United Arab Emirates. In his memory, the spacecraft was sent to Mars.

In this situation, the UAE ‘hope’ spacecraft 49 crore 50 lakh km. Traveling in space, it took 201 days to reach the orbit of Mars. This is a historic achievement for the United Arab Emirates.

Also, the spacecraft sent by China and the spacecraft sent by the United States have approached Mars.

The image, taken on Wednesday by the spacecraft, which was sent to explore Mars to show off space exploration, shows the northern hemisphere of Mars and Olympus Mans, the planet’s largest volcano.

Paid in July of last year and last arrived on Mars on the 9th. The spacecraft will orbit the planet for 2 years.