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Ubisoft retreats the claim that PS4 games don't work on PS5

Ubisoft retreats the claim that PS4 games don’t work on PS5

Ubisoft Some of them have set back that claim PlayStation 4 game is, Playstation 5..

On the weekend, Ubisoft has released its own list of PS4 games that cannot be played on Sony’s next-generation next-generation system, the PS5...It featured 9 titles, including some Assassin’s Creed In addition to the game Danger And Star Trek: Bridge Crew -that is Sony not first listed in its own game list This is incompatible with future consoles.

However, Ubisoft has since removed the list from both the Ubisoft Connect service and the official forums. “We [post] For the time being, it’s about backward compatibility, as there may be inaccuracies associated with Ubisoft titles that can be played on the PS5, “a Ubisoft spokeswoman said. The VergePlease note that the correct list of games will be released next week.

According to Ubisoft’s original post, your own title selection will not play on PS5.However, developers will continue to use these same games Xbox series X And Xbox Series S At the time of release.

Last month, Sony revealed that the “overwhelming majority of over 4,000 games” available on PS4 will be available for play at launch. To play the game, the player simply needs to insert the disc.

Meanwhile, PS5 Digital Edition owners can re-download games, “transfer digital games using WiFi data transfer and save data from PS4 console to PS5 console”, or an external hard drive. You can use. For more information Sony support page for PS5..