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Unexpected use of Xiaomi “Mi Band 6” Not only big screen and SpO2 measurement, but also attractive (Dr. Yamane) – Japanese English version


I got the Chinese version of “Mi Band 6” from Xiaomi. We will deliver a quick review focused on appearance.

Mi Band 6 has evolved a lot from Mi Band 5 in three points: “bigger screen and higher resolution”, “supports SpO2 measurement” and “training supports 30 types of exercise”. The body size is almost the same as that of the Mi Band 5 and belt compatibility is maintained.


The back is probably because it supports SpO2, and the position of the heart rate sensor is at the end (even the Mi Band 5 is the center). As with the Mi Band 5, the band can be removed with a little effort. The bottom pin is a charging terminal and a charging cable is attached for magnetic connection. This cable and charging terminal also had the same shape as the Mi Band 5.


The Mi Band 6 screen has a size of 1.56 inches and a resolution of 486×152 pixels. It has a higher resolution than the 1.1-inch Mi Band 5, 294×126 pixels. Also, before the Mi Band 5, the lower end of the screen was a hidden area with a touch sensor, but with the Mi Band 6, the entire front is the display area. The standard face can show two application data at the top and bottom. The Mi Band 5 couldn’t display information at the bottom, which was a bit narrow, but the Mi Band 6 can use the full screen.

▲ (Left) Standard screen. (Medium) Some applications will be displayed in full screen. (Right) Easier to navigate the app

You can get multiple faces from the “Store” of the “Mi Fit” smartphone cooperation app. On the Mi Band 5, various collaboration faces have appeared as Japanese characters. Since the Mi Band 6 can display a wider and higher resolution, it seems that the types of faces will increase.

▲ The number of costumed faces provided as standard is much higher than that of the Mi Band 5 (only part of the figure is shown).

You can display your own photos with a custom face, but you can also display photos with a 152 x 486 pixel screen. Wristband devices have been used as products that “show activity and notifications”, but the Mi Band 6 can also be enjoyed as a smart watch displaying your favorite photos. I personally like this point.

▲ Photo display is fun. (Left) It is also possible to show a photo of the editor-in-chief so as not to forget the manuscript’s deadline, and (in the middle) to show the cats found in the city. (Right) You can display your own SNS or Web QR code

Additionally, the number of characters that can be displayed when reporting has been increased. Although the four corners of the screen are cut off, 12 lines of characters can be displayed. If you can read this far, it seems pretty handy.

▲ The amount of text that can be reported has also increased.

The built-in app is “Status” -> “PAI” -> “Heart rate” -> “SpO2” -> “Notification” -> “Training” -> “Exercise history” -> “Stress” -> “Breathing” -> “Events” -> “Alarm” -> “Alarm” -> “Moves in the order of Weather →” Alipay “→” Music “→” World Clock “→” Settings “→” More “. This is the same as the conventional Mi Band. Since the number of apps has increased, I would like to see the user interface change soon, but since the standard face of standby mode can show two apps, it is good to register the apps you use frequently .

▲ Standard face. Upper and lower apps and screens can be switched, you need to register the ones you use often

Since the usability of the application is the same as that of the Mi Band 5, I will introduce the SpO2 measurement added from the Mi Band 6. When I start the application, after a countdown (3 seconds), the SpO2 measurement will start. The Mi Band 6 must be firmly attached to your wrist, and if you move it, you will not be able to measure correctly (this also applies to other smartwatches and wristbands that support SpO2 measurement). The measurement took less than a minute.

▲ SpO2 measurement, took about 1 minute from start to finish

The workouts have been increased to 30 types of sports that can be measured. I haven’t covered all of them on Xiaomi’s product introduction page, but if the number increases to this point, I should be able to get more accurate data on my exercise.

▲ Xiaomi’s product introduction page does not list all 30 sports, but it supports many sports.

The Chinese version supports Chinese and English, as well as various Western languages. Unfortunately, it does not support Japanese. I would like to wait for the global version or the Japanese version to be released soon.

It has only been a few days since I started using the Mi Band 6, but the increased volume of the screen makes it convenient to use as if it were a smartwatch, and it is as light as previous models and has a long battery life. , so it can be used comfortably. I feel like the battery life has been shortened a bit due to the higher screen resolution, but it’s still easy not to have to recharge it every day. I would like you to also sell it as a high-end model of the Mi Band 5 in Japan.

▲ Can’t wait for the Japanese model release.

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