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Urgent … Apple adds new features to FaceTime calls … that will impress all users

Apple introduces a new feature for FaceTime video calling on Windows and Android systems, and also with the introduction of iOS15, which is version 2021 with the company’s operating system, and the company presented the same at the recent WWDC 2021 developer conference. , and this in addition to expanding both with Windows and Android.

Apple adds many features to its phones

و .ضافت Camel Lots of new features for the platform, and we’re currently showing you a lot of new features coming to Apple’s FaceTime video calling app.

SharePlay is a modern feature that allows all users to share content such as music, movies, and TV shows with users during a video call, and the user can view the content together during the call. With SharePlay, users can share pages on the web and other applications.

Modern audio features that bring a new sound isolation in video calls, and this feature will reduce background noise and make it easier for everyone who receives calls to get a lot of clarity during calls, and spatial audio reaches the video call to give character to the conversation. to calls.

The new video function and the user in the video call will get a modern grid view that will allow them to see people within the squares of the same size during the call, and the grid view and up to 6 people will appear simultaneously, and it helps a lot to control zooming in and out for all users.