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Uses and ideas to place Led strips in the house


When you decide install a lighting system Inside the house, one of the questions to ask yourself first is what effect you want to give the rooms. The LED strips are a great way to light up a home environment with strong safe impact effect. Thanks to the use of this type of lighting, the rooms are immediately more luminous, enhancing some design elements.

The use of LED strips flexible allows to obtain highly suggestive visual effects even on architectural and design elements that are apparently difficult to illuminate. Another interesting feature is the versatility that allows the use of LED strips even in small rooms, without taking up space and being bulky, unlike lamps.

Depending on the desired effect, you can choose between two different solutions LED strips:

· indirect light, or covered with a veil, for soft lighting;

· in direct light, that is, with a more complete lighting.

If you opt for the first type, it is important that the chips of the strips are close together, to ensure greater illumination; direct light, on the other hand, does not require this device and this allows us to keep costs low.

In addition to the design effect, a property that should not be underestimated is the help that this type of lighting can offer in the interior of the house: especially in the case of veiled LED strips, the blurred effect can be an excellent ally in all rooms at night, to avoid accidentally colliding with walls and furniture.

Before presenting some ideas on how to use LED stripsIt is also important to focus on the colors available. When purchasing this type of lighting, you can choose between white (with cold, warm or neutral light) or color (both single-color and RGB). In the case of RGB LED, a small remote control is provided in the package to use to adjust light intensity and color.

LED strips in bedrooms

home led strips-2

The life zone It is the area of ​​the house that includes the living room and the dining room; In recent years, this room has increasingly become the center of the house in which to entertain or relax. The installation of LED strips can help to give it a cozy and charming character: for example, they can be installed in the false ceiling in combination with spotlights, to give a brighter effect to the room or more blurred, if the main light is off, illuminating even only part of the room.

Also in kitchen This scenic and functional solution can be adopted. In fact, LED strips can be used under tall cabinets to illuminate work surfaces which would otherwise be dark and the furniture inside. If, on the other hand, you want to enhance the kitchen furniture, you can insert it in the base facing the floor, so that the spaces and the design are clearly defined.

The last strategy can also be used in bath to highlight the profile of the furniture or to support the lighting of the room. Given the flexibility of LED strips, they can be mounted around the mirror to give more light to the sink area. A surprising effect is given by the possibility of covering the lights with a veil, to give a relaxing effect, almost like a SPA.

Flexible LED Strips for Corridors and Stairs

place the led strips at home

As in the living room, combine the use of spotlights in the false ceiling With the LED strips, it allows creating a greater and more diffuse lighting in the environment to give greater brightness to an environment that may be dark. It is not only installed in the false ceiling, but also as a guide light that runs along the underside of the masonry. Also, if placed near columns, LED strips can help give a greater architectural scan of spaces.

Even the scale They can be illuminated with this system and the flexible LED strips are especially indicated near the steps. If they are applied along the staircase, perhaps hidden within the walls, they can act as a guide and, at the same time, they can enhance it by creating plays of light against the wall.

Another valid use of LED strips is the application along the riser of each step to illuminate the tread, for a functional and striking effect. LED strips are especially suitable for staircases with steps that are in a niche or bordered by walls.

LED strip for decoration elements

A As with the steps, flexible LED strips can also be used for enhance decoration and design elements, such as niches and shelves. In the case of niches, You can be installed on the back with light to the object-oriented design, to focus attention. Refering to shelving, LED strips can be applied along the edges, even if the shelf is very narrow, to enhance small ornaments.

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