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Utilities you definitely want to introduce when you upgrade to Windows 11 | Gizmodo Japan


Some people want to get it back, some people want to change it.

With the release of Windows 11, third-party utilities are popping up one after another.Revived features that disappeared in Windows 11There is something to doTake advantage of new features in Windows 11There are things, and you can customize Windows 11 to suit your needs. Below I will introduce some useful things that I have found so far.

Image: Home11

Stardock, expert in customizing WindowsHome11Thrown out. Start11 isMore flexibility in the appearance and placement of the Start menuIt is a tool. You can restore the program tiles and application list, and bring the Start menu (and taskbar) to the top of the screen.

especiallyCheck it out if you don’t like the Windows 11 Start menuit is. The magic of Start11 extends to the taskbar, the context menu can be restored, the search box results of the taskbar can be improved, and any shortcut can be placed next to the application icon.

It’s easy and intuitive to use, and if you try something and don’t like it, you can quickly undo it. It also works well with existing Stardock tools like Fences, which maps parts of the desktop to specific shortcuts. The full version of Start 115 dollars (about 570 yen)However, the trial is free.

Image: OnceClock

In Windows 11, the date and time are not displayed in the corner of the taskbar. Those who are used to checking the time on the Windows screen may feel lost.OnceClockteeth,Restore date and time to taskbarLet me do it.

That’s all there is to ElevenClock, but its simplicity doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. Also, Eleven Clock looks like a native Windows feature,I don’t know what was reconditionedit is. It seamlessly integrates into the taskbar and also supports light and dark modes.

Eleven clockAlso supports taskbar customization utilities (for example, Start11 mentioned above)Because it does this, you can choose from several options, such as what the time looks like and where it is on the taskbar. For example, you can set the date and time to display even in full screen mode.

Image: Winaero Tweaker

Winaero TweakerIt is a free utility that can be used on Windows 7/8/10, not just Windows 11.From backing up the registry to disabling the Action Center (the one that shows all notifications by default), You can play with several options.

In the sense that it is for Windows 11,Revived some features that were in Windows 10I will be forced to do so. You can recreate the familiar environment such as the right-click context menu for the entire operating system, the Windows 10 layout on the taskbar, and the ribbon interface at the top of File Explorer. Most of the settings are fine with just clicking a checkbox.

Winaero TweakerShow system informationIt is also convenientAccent colors and default animationsIt can also be used to change the appearance of Windows. You can change various options in the registry settings file, but this is the basis of the system and is not recommended unless you have a solid understanding of how it works.

Image: ThisIsWin11

ThisIsWin11There are many things that can be done, but first of allA Guide to Key Features in Windows 11Useful as. But it is not just a guide, it allows you to change various settings in Windows 11 to delete or specify default applications, or even automate some Windows 11 functions.

If you open the System tab in ThisIsWin11, you can see a list of various settings that you can change. The scenario isPersonalization, privacy, gamesThere are too many options to write here. You can restore some of the look of Windows 10 or disable features (widgets, etc.) that you don’t need in Windows 11.

In ThisIsWin11, access to microphones and cameras, location tracking, Windows Hello biometrics, automatic installation of applications, etc.Turning on / off the application and privacy permission systemYou also can. On the start screen, you can see the detailed version of Windows 11 that you are currently using.

Image: Microsoft PowerToys

Genuine Microsoft Utility for Power UsersPowerToysby,Not only useful tools, but also experimental functionsIt’s worth going in and trying it on Windows 11. It’s not just because the interface has been updated for Windows 11.

You can customize the layout of open windows, rename files at once, search for mouse cursors, remap keyboards, and more. Today it can be used with all video calling applications.Universal mute functionIt has also been added.

PowerToys sneaks into the notification area at the bottom right of the screen, where you can access all of its features. Especially good is the File Explorer companion feature, which you can use in Windows 11.Preview PDF or Markdown filesI can do it.

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