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V4 offers a great dark fantasy MMO experience [Android Game of the Week]


Source: Jordan Palmer / Android Central

There are many MMOs on the Play Store, some of which are excellent, and some of which will be featured as Android games this week. So when V4 came out a few months ago, I decided to spin it. I’m glad.

The game looks good, plays well, and has a lot to do, including the main story. So far, the story isn’t very appealing, but I hope it gets better as you progress. The character model is well made, the surroundings look great, and there are vanity items that you can show off to other players.

You start with a character creator. It’s not at the level of Code Vein, but it’s certainly serviceable. You also need to select a class. I went with Gunslinger because I found it very fun and fun to play.

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V4 has two game modes, automatic and manual. The former means that you can sit and relax when you play the game yourself. That’s not a bad thing, especially since MMOs are very annoying. I like auto mode because you regularly acquire new abilities and my character uses all his skills to defeat enemies.

The worst part of V4 is conversation and voice actors. In my opinion, both are pretty bad. Every time someone talks to me, I get wrinkled, and I don’t pay much attention to the conversation itself because the sentences aren’t very good. Sound effects also leave something desired. My gunslinger dual pistol and rifle should be booming, for example, rather than sounding like hitting an enemy.

My gunslinger dual pistol and rifle should be booming rather than sounding like hitting an enemy.

Overall, I like V4. It looks good, plays well, and attracts my attention for a few hours. I wish the notification spam stopped, but that’s easy to deal with. I played V4 on a OnePlus 6, Pixel 4 XL, and iPhone 8 and had no issues.

Otherwise, V4 is a typical MMO fare. You have character levels that determine your stats, additional stat levels that you can sacrifice gear to increase, and various daily missions and feats to complete. There are different mounts to show off and different pets that offer additional bonuses such as XP boosts.

V4 isn’t a breakthrough as an MMO, but I love it because it’s an Android game that you can play for free on mobile. However, this is a big game, so make sure you have enough space on your smartphone or tablet so you can jump in quickly.

There is a huge amount of IAP you will see. I haven’t spent any dimes on this game, but it’s there, as you can expect from a game that you can play for free.

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