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تحرش لفظي وصفعات على الوجه.. الأمن يفحص فيديو "فتاة العمرانية"

Verbal harassment and slapping. Security is examining the video for “Amrani Girl”

05:33 p. M.

Sunday June 27, 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

With her face pale and her eyes full of tears, a housewife left crying to the security services because of the verbal harassment of her daughter at the hands of someone who slapped her.

A video clip circulating on social media, lasting 4 and a half minutes, showed a woman recounting what she described as a tragedy experienced by her daughter, a high school student.

The woman said that she is divorced and has two daughters, the first in high school and the second in high school, noting that the latter was going to receive a private lesson from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon.

The woman was caught off guard by a phone call from her daughter, yelling, “Mom, one of them tried to harass me, and he said, ‘Come …'” and when he slapped her in the face of passersby, he slapped her in the face. face.

The mother wanted to film the effects of the assault on her daughter’s face, appealing to the police: “I want my daughter’s rights. We are three women alone in the house.”

The girl appeared in a video on her personal account, describing the incident, “He tried to harass me, and when I did not know, he hit me”, adding: “This is not the first time I have been exposed to this situation … I did a report, but I knew that my right would not be answered. “

In the same context, social media users, especially interested pages in the Omrania neighborhood, west of Giza, circulated a 45-second video that was captured with surveillance cameras in one of the stores, documenting the attack. to a young man named “MM”, a refrigeration and air conditioning technician, about the girl as she was walking with her friend.

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The video shows the girl stopping and turning, directing her speech to that young man, before the latter runs in her direction, directing successive slaps in the face amid the astonishment of passersby.

The Security Surveillance and Tracking Unit monitored the video, which was widely circulated, and an investigation team was formed to examine the incident and apprehend the accused after seeking the assistance of the technical assistance sector.