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Video effects and transitions that can improve your video


Video content continues to dominate the digital world. In 2020 alone, there were 3 billion internet users consuming videos online. Whether you’re on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or any of the other platforms, video is certainly where you should be focusing your time. With that said, the more people creating videos, the harder it is to stand out. While jumping onto trends and recreating the same style as your fellow content creators may draw you some attention, it won’t be enough to help you make it big. For that, you’ll need to be one step braver and fully equipped with the right resources.

Video effects and transitions are great ways to stand out from the crowd. Today, we’re going to be focusing on how utilizing a tool such as Movavi Video Editor can help you to easily achieve the kind of video effects for your YouTube channel that you’re looking for.

Common Video Transition Effects

When it comes to video transition effects, sometimes simple is better. That means you can utilize the same video transition effects that others do, without it looking as though you’re copying. We’ll get into why that’s the case a little later, but for now, we’re going to go through some of the more common video effects available to you.

  • Tilts & pans – tilts involve tilting the camera up or down, whilst pans are moving in any direction whilst maintaining the same distance from the subject. These allow you to add some motion into an otherwise still video.
  • Chroma key – better known as green screen, chroma key allows you to replace your background with something more interesting. These are great for videos where you want to create an atmosphere. You will, however, need a large green sheet or wall to film on.
  • Fading – the fade is one of the most common transition techniques, but also one of the most effective. It allows you to smoothly transition from one scene or shot to another without it appearing jarring.
  • Jump cut – where the fade is subtle, the jump cut shows a quick change from one scene to another, which can set a more exciting or fast-paced tone for your video.
  • Wipe – the wipe transition removes one shot and replaces it with another. Whilst the wipe can sometimes appear outdated, smart use of it will prove interesting.
  • Color correctioncolor correction involves adjusting the color of your shots to set a different tone. Movies do this all the time to create famous cinematic looks that help the movie look more interesting.

Now, these aren’t all the video effects and transitions available to you, but they’re a great start. As we mentioned above, sometimes simple is more effective when it comes to video effects. The reason behind this is that the more obvious your effects are, the more they distract the audience. Effects should help tell your story, not take away from it. The next thing to do is to find a tool which will help you achieve these effects without requiring a degree in video editing.

Editing software that will help you achieve cool video transitions

There is a wide range of video editing tools that will help you create the high-quality videos you’re looking for, but choosing the right one can be difficult. On the top end, you have software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut. These, however, are going to cost you in subscription fees and whilst they can achieve higher end editing quality, they require higher end video editing skills. If you’re just getting into video editing, or you don’t have the budget for top shelf software, we have a few other options to suggest to you.

A free video merger is an excellent way for beginners getting started in video editing and content creation. Clideo for example is a cheap and easy to use video editing tool with over 4.1 million monthly users that allows you to easily create looping videos, meme templates and sped up footage. Movavi also has an online solution that has a slightly more in depth interface, but is just as easy to use and offers an exciting and engaging range of cool video transitions at your disposal. There are a number of other tools available including software like DaVinci Resolve which does offer a more detailed editing process. But, if you’re just looking to merge videos and add video effect transitions, the first two pieces of software we suggested will definitely suit your needs.

Never forget the audio

Audio is one of the most important parts of any video, yet often underlooked. Whether it’s a song that sets the tone or sound effects that help tell your story, audio is so important, and we urge you to consider it throughout the editing process. Movavi Fastreel offers great control over the audio and allows you to manipulate it and to add transitions that will help you deliver a great piece of content to your audience.

All of this also applies to your microphone. If you’re going to record audio straight to the video or use an external microphone, make sure you test it in advance to ensure there are no static sounds or humming in the background. Even the most informative and engaging video is going to fall apart if you have construction work going on in the background. Take the time to set up your audio and, if possible, soundproof the room you’re in.

Now you’re ready to create content with video transition effects

Any great piece of content requires time and effort. Even the best ideas fall short when they’re poorly executed, and if you’re spending the time to come up with funny or interesting ideas for content, make sure the final product matches that energy. Video effects and transitions go a long way in making your video more engaging for your audience. They add a level of professionalism that others may miss. What’s more, if you’re going to this extra effort on a regular basis, your audience is sure to notice.

So take a look at the video editing tools that we’ve mentioned above, learn about the different types of transitions and effects we’ve mentioned, and of course, be sure to record clean and clear audio.

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