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Video Game Reviews – Roguebook ⋆. – News from Marseille

Erika Hardison discusses Roguebook …

Who is not a fan of video games that combine stunning graphics, high fantasy stories and magic? Well that’s what Roguebook es and more, depending on what you are looking for in your game. For those who love PC games, it is always exciting to find new games to play and explore. If you are considering a new RPG, you should consider adding it to your list on Steam.

Created by Nacon and Abrakam Entertainment, Roguebook is a storytelling game similar to a board game but it works almost like an RPG. This type of hybrid game can appeal to both casual and advanced players.

Roguebook Instantly grab your attention and grab your attention right away. La bande-son, les graphismes et l’ouverture du scénario sont parfaits en 10. Sans avoir d’instructions nor de connaissances sur le jeu au préalable, je l’ai compris par moi-même et j’ai pu progresser dans le jeu No problem. I was surprised when I realized that I had spent a few hours building tracks and strengthening my characters.

After choosing your character, you basically need to build a solid deck of cards. Each card works like a spell to unlock powers. You have to collect the strongest cards so that you can find more treasures and gems. Finding more gems and treasures will allow you to progress through the game and create a series of stronger characters. I am playing on a Microsoft surface and after a few connections my game does not load for me. I don’t know if it’s my computer or the game itself, but I couldn’t play after a certain point. However, from what I have played, I would like to experience playing with others as a team and compare that to playing alone to determine what gives me the most for my game.

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I love the idea of ​​epic card video games. There are many people who play card games on their cell phones and the addition of a fantastic story makes it attractive to all types of players. Your actions are Roguebook directly impacts your future capabilities. I’d love to experiment with multiplayer like a traditional card game to see how it holds up. I’m not sure if this game has massive online multiplayer capabilities, but if it does, it could make the game even more interesting.


+ Images
+ High fantasy storytelling.
+ Endless adventures
+ Easy for casual gamers

The drawbacks:

– The game stalls after a while.
– More cards than gems or treasures.
– Less action than other RPGs

Note – 7/10

The publisher provided a review code.

Erika hardison