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Video Game Star Profile ELoTRiX: He's a Veteran in the Streaming Business |  entertainment

Video Game Star Profile ELoTRiX: He’s a Veteran in the Streaming Business | entertainment

He has become famous for his cranky and loud YouTube videos.

Better known as ELoTRiX, Carsten is a veteran of the gaming business. His YouTube channels are now dusty. in Twitch is still successful.

Read all about Carsten aka ELoTRiX at a glance!



After graduating from high school, Carsten completed an apprenticeship as a transport agent in Ulm.

In 2011 he founded the YouTube channel “ELoTRiX Playz”. There he posted gaming videos. Four more channels followed, showing more gaming, streaming, or reaction videos.

Meanwhile, only his best streaming moments can be seen there. ELoTRiX is primarily active on Twitch, where he streams himself as he plays. He can also often be seen there with other Twitch stars: one of his best friends is montanablack.

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ELoTRiX is particularly known for freaking out during his broadcasts: he’s loud, hyperactive, and sometimes aggressive. The exchange with his fans is particularly important to him. On his streams, the Twitch star chats a lot with his viewers.

ELoTRiX is managed by management CIBERDIME represent.