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Video games coming this week

Video games to be released this week It’s not as exciting as last week, but there are some great titles to play.One of the games I’m excited to play is Moderate The most reliable game to be delivered. You can check the new 2021 Xbox Limited Edition here and the Playstation Limited Edition here.

Medium – January 28, 2021

Discover a dark mystery that only the medium can solve. Explore the real world and the spiritual world at the same time. Use your spiritual abilities to solve puzzles that span both worlds, reveal deep and disturbing secrets, and survive the encounter with The Maw, a monster born of an indescribable tragedy. Moderate Is a third-person psycho-horror game featuring patented dual reality gameplay. Wield a unique psychic power reserved for those who have gifts. Move between realities or explore both at the same time. Use the out-of-body experience to find out where you can’t go in the real world. Create an energy shield and provide a powerful spirit blast to overcome the dangers of the spirit world and its different worlds.For me, this is one of the best video games of the week.. You can buy this game Here it is.

Cyber ​​Shadow – January 26, 2021

Cyber ​​shadow Is an upcoming side-scrolling action platform video game created and published by Finnish indie developer Mechanical Head Studios. Yacht Club Games.. Featuring an 8-bit aesthetic, it follows a cybernetic ninja named Shadow who set out to rescue his clan in a machine-attacked world.The scenario of the game is as follows ShadowThe Cyborg Ninja set out to rescue his fallen clan in a world attacked by synthetic creatures that harvest them for power. It is especially set in the ruins of the fictional Mekacity.

Atelier Eliza 2: The Lost Legend and the Secret Fairy – January 26, 2021

This story takes place three years after the previous game event.Liza’s Atelier: Eternal Darkness and Secret Hideaway, ”Is drawing a reunion with Liza And her friends experience new encounters and farewells to discover truly valuable treasures.Three years have passed since Liza’s secret adventure Cork island.. LizaThe only member of her group remaining on the island receives a letter from her friend telling her about a ruin that may be related to alchemy, with a mysterious request, including a glowing stone. This encourages her to leave the island and head to the royal city of Ashura Ambeard. However, Liza We are unaware that this will lead to the beginning of a new imaginative adventure, including the pursuit of the mysteries of the ruins surrounding the royal city and the encounter with strange creatures that will change her life.

Re: Life in a Different World from Zero: Prophecy of the Throne – January 29, 2021

There is news that a messenger sent from the royal palace suddenly appeared one month after Subaru’s new life in another world began, and the choice of the royal family was postponed, but the reason is unknown.Postponement of this epic event to determine the next ruler of Kingdom of Lugnica Stir up Subaru and his friends and take action.To Re: Life in a Different World from Zero-Prophecy of the Throne, The player plays the role of Subaru Natsuki, He finds himself being taken to another world. They can explore the Kingdom of Lugnica and interact with both new and familiar characters in the anime. Subaru’s “Return by Death” is as important to the game system as the original.

The gods fall – January 29, 2021

The fierce rule of the gods over humanity has been going on for thousands of years. Succumbing to cruelty and suffering, they demand that they be offered blind worship through the pledge of allegiance pledged by all men, women and children. For those who do not obey God’s will; a slow and relentless death awaits. Experience the brutal trials of a group of brave warriors in their desperate plight to break the merciless grip of the gods on humanity.

These are video games of the week and the list isn’t as impressive as last week’s, but we all hope to get something that will satisfy our soul next week.

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