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Vodafone: Disruption throughout Germany in the mobile network

Vodafone makes eSIMs the standard

Vodafone wants to promote the spread of the successor to the eSIM SIM card: Anyone who buys a suitable smartphone online with a fixed-term contract will now receive an eSIM instead of the old SIM card.

SIM cards are an integral part of the world of smartphones: although today you can load everything from an app to a piece of digital art onto your device via data transmission, you still need a small plastic card to your phone number, which you should put on your cell phone.

Actually, that’s not true either: the successor eSIM has been available from mobile carriers for years, and the vast majority of today’s smartphones now support this process as well.

The eSIM is already installed in modern devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart watches and can be programmed with the data of the respective contract.

Thus, instead of having to wait for the SIM card to be sent to you by post, in a few minutes you will receive a QR code and a PIN by email when you change your contract, with which you can directly configure the new mobile contract. on the device.

Only 500,000 eSIMs activated on Vodafone so far

In addition, multiple eSIM contracts can be stored in one smartphone (the switch works with a touch of the finger) without the hassle of changing the SIM card.