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Vote: Box Art Brawl: Duel # 58-Super Mario All-Stars


And for all box art lovers, welcome to the latest entry in Box Art Brawl canon at Nintendo Life. Yes, this week we’ll revisit some retro game covers. It’s up to you to choose the best of them.

When I saw it last time Blue Ninja Shadow Dragon Shadow Various name 2D side scrollers for jujube NES Absent Was called. It was a brave three-way battle in close quarters, but in the end, North America won ahead of Europe and Japan was third.

Big Mario News of the Week and After Arrival Super Mario All Stars As part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscriber service, we saw it as a great opportunity to do some small plumbing work in a brawl. We are having fun Super Mario 3D All Star A few weeks ago, today’s duel looks back at the 1993 Super Nintendo predecessor.

4 games, 2 covers, 1 vote. Let’s see what they have…

North America/Europe


The cover of Europe was basically the cover of North America, so this week’s duel. There was a yellow border in certain countries (and Super Mario World Logo-1 for the bundled version of the game hell It’s one of the cartridges, but the key art was the same.

Multiple Mario in different suits, Bowser looking like clouds behind them, dotted with different enemies and allies, and everything presented by Mario in a magician costume wielding a star-blowing wand. In the zoo, this is an adventure very well within. I don’t have enough focus, but there are many things I like.



On the other hand, the Japanese version replaced the magic of the mudcap with a Mario pure gold statue when the magician woke up. The icons at the top show the artwork for the four included games. Super mario bros 2 Carry that Super Mario Bros USA The Japanese title on the blue border of the large “coin” in the center.

“SUPER MARIO BROS. Stencil font is not certain, but it is certainly a colorful and elegant cover. Perhaps it will be a little more. After all, that radiance isn’t gold, is it?

Yes, I mean’Glister‘! Ask Alex.


And as a cheeky little non-voting bonus, take a look at the cover of the Wii’s 25th anniversary release (yes, now 10 years ago). Drop the tones on a velvet-like red background as you flow through the Japanese cover.


So there are two very different covers this week, which one is the best? Select your favorite from the options below,[投票]Click to let us know.

And that’s the end of this week’s brawl! After Mario’s explosion last week, we’re trying to build strength. Thank you for voting. See you next time.

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